Intern Program

ClearVision's Intern Program strives to empower students by providing a unique learning experience that will ease the transition from student to professional.

ClearVision’s Intern Program is a great opportunity for students to “get their feet wet” in the workforce. Our renowned program ties back to the company’s motto: treat others how you wish to be treated. We treat our interns just as we treat any other employee, while giving them the experience they need to make that critical transition from student to professional.

How is our program unique? We take an integrated, interactive approach, providing “real” assignments intermingled with opportunities to develop “real life” skills through training, management interaction, and inclusion in organization events.

What you can expect to learn?

We focus on key skills training, including:

  • individual brand building
  • techniques for creative brainstorming
  • critical thinking methodologies
  • interview preparation

We also provide an interactive management speaker series and inclusion in the company’s philanthropic outreach.


Speed Networking: A creative way to teach interns about the power of building business relationships, this exciting workshop connects interns with professionals who can share insight on career choices and goals.

The Science of Shopping Workshop: A look into the psychology of why people buy and what motivates their choices, this workshop intertwines current marketing, advertising and digital philosophies with real world examples.

Left Vs. Right Brain Thinking Workshop: Focusing on how to bridge creativity and analytical skills for success, this workshop enhances innovation, resourcefulness, and solution-oriented thinking.

Book Club with the President: Each summer, ClearVision President David Friedfeld selects a title based on its relevancy and provides an opportunity for discussion directly with him. It’s an opportunity for students to learn how to express their thoughts cohesively and receive critical feedback from a senior executive.

Philanthropic Outreach:
A central part of the program, interns participate in several of ClearVision’s philanthropic events. Exposing interns to the importance of giving back on a corporate level encourages commitment and responsibility from both a business and personal perspective.

Interns work closely with the Marketing department to create videos used to educate students and potential interns about the intern program. In 2018, the summer intern team gave us an inside look at what makes each of them unique.
Previous videos have included a behind the scenes look at their experiences and how the intern program has been beneficial to them. The videos include parodies and lip synching which capture the FUN that we incorporate into our program.

Click here to see our past years' intern videos

ClearVision has been widely-recognized for its internship program and has received countless accolades, including a feature in Newsday, recognition by One Day, One Job, and receipt of Dowling College’s Internship Program “Employer of the Semester” award.

Apply for a ClearVision Internship Today
ClearVision attracts students who have demonstrated leadership in numerous areas such as academics, athletics and culture, as well as social consciousness and giving back to others. These qualities align with our fast paced, family owned organization.

All candidates must meet the following requirements:
  • Enrollment in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program
  • Minimum GPA of 3.3
  • Ability to work 20 hours per week
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • A proven ability to initiate and maintain strong personal relationships
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities

To apply for an internship with ClearVision Optical, please email your resume to; please include your field of study, your internship area of interest and your current GPA.